Eternal-Chamber One
Orphaned Specialist Bounty Hunters Theadora and Ceera Linn are sisters trapped and bound by the never ending search for their mother’s murderer. The know nothing of who it was, only his smile. But is all as it seems? Tonight, cards will be dealt that will slowly give way to the truth! Integral people will be met! Foes will be FOUGHT! Mindless stylized action will ENSUE! Stay tuned, as Eternal’s saga continues!
(Graphic novel size 137 pages)
Eternal-Chamber Two
As the night rages on, the Linn sisters are met with new and astonishing difficulties. Meanwhile, more is revealed about Rendel Remirez’s past. Is Rendel’s past somehow connected to the Linn sisters’? Will they survive the night? Find out! As Eternal’s saga continues!
(Graphic novel size 133 pages)