Welcome to my artsite. My name is William Giovanni Medina and I go by the pseudonym “GIO” in my art and my writing. I write and illustrate my manga genre graphic novel series “Eternal”, which is on sale here on my site:

I’ve also worked on other projects like Steampunk Originals Volume 2 for Arcana Comics:


I’d also done animation work on “Your Face Global Jam” for Bill Plympton’s animation festival. Here’s the IMDB credit here:


I also did some illustrative work on a book titled “Dave Dances..life, love and art inspired by the music of the dave matthews band” which can be bought here:


If anyone would like to hire me to work on any project, you can contact me on my business email here:


Hope you enjoy the rest of my site. Thanks a lot for stopping by, and if you’d like to hire me, I’m looking forward to working with you.