Eternal Series Info

Orphaned Specialist Bounty Hunters Dora and Ceera Linn are sisters, trapped and bound by the never ending search for their mother’s murderer. They know nothing of who it was, only his smile and eyes were visible. But, is all as it seems? Tonight, cards will be dealt that will slowly give way to the truth! Integral people will be met! Foes will be FOUGHT! MINDLESS STYLIZED ACTION WILL ENSUE! Stay tuned, as Eternal’s saga..CONTINUES!!

The town where Theadora and Ceera live.
Black Eden
Banta Hue’s headquarters located on Easter Island
Trigger Effect Ability. The phenomena where powers are triggered through the rupturing of an abnormal pituitary gland due to a traumatic experience.
Zombie Juice
A chemical compound created by Banta Hue to create a synthetic Trigger Effect Ability in regular human beings. Still in it’s experimental phase.
Eternal Bounty Hunter Service
The specialist bounty hunter service created by Ceera and Theadora to take down criminals beyond the reach of normal police.

Theadora Linn

Powers: Muscles tear apart and heal at an accelerated rate
Likes: Fighting
Dislikes: Violence

Ceera Linn

Powers: Able to emit a nitrous flammable gas from her pores at a rapid rate. She uses her fingertips to ignite the fire to fight. She’s also highly intelligent and a talented inventor.
Likes: Junk Food, robots and Hiphop
Dislikes: Health food and overly serious people


Powers: Uses the Blacksmith program installed in her to create weapons from her body

Rendel Remirez

Powers: Able to emit a black substance from his body that turns from a liquid to a gas then to a solid at a rapid rate when excited. Similar to alarm pheromones from an insect.
Likes: Flan and Martial Arts
Dislikes: Kai and rude people

Cathedral Azreal

Powers: Similar to Shen Rai’s powers.
Likes: Theadora and Ceera’s mother
Dislikes: Rejection and the dark

Shen Rai

Powers: Unnaturally strong neurons to the point of electrical discharge.
Likes: Soup
Dislikes: Disrespect people

Kai Yu

Powers: Same powers as Rendel, he uses his black and white pheromones to create weapons and armor
Likes: Celia
Dislikes: Rendel and Cats

Celia Pabon

Powers: She doesn’t have any powers. She has an electric glove and boots that amplify her punches and kicks.
Likes: Rendel, The Black Ember Assassin Guild and Lizards
Dislikes: Kai and mean people

Giovanni Bautista

Power: He transforms into NeoReign but can’t control his power. He takes meds to control it with little desired results.
Dislikes: Incarceration and rude people
Likes: Art and anime


Powers: Insanity
Likes: ??

Noira Dior

Powers: Can emit a poisonus cloud of spores from the gigantic flower that grows from her back. Can also create vine like weapons from her body
Likes: Quirky intelligent men
Dislikes: Arrogant people

Bianca Dior

Powers: Being rich
Likes: Attention
Dislikes: Anyone disrespecting her sister Noira

Banta Hue

Powers: High Intellect
Likes: Himself
Dislikes: Everything else

Gina Alvarrez

Powers: A high intellect and detachable robot arms. Other than that, she has no powers.
Likes: Banta Hue
Dislikes: Getting rained on

Jin Zheng Meng

Powers: High intellect, other than that, no powers to speak of.
Likes: His family
Dislikes: Banta Hue

Domino Doll #00

Powers: Robotic tendrils that come out of it’s hands. Uses them like whips during a fight and can fly
Likes: It’s a robot
Dislikes: It’s a robot. Uh. Electricity?














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